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Vincent Cléroux OMC guitar
Cléroux's artists
Cléroux semi hollow ebony bridge

Cléroux Guitars

Feel at home
Here at Cléroux guitars, we want you to feel at home when you are playing your Cléroux Guitar.
I design my guitars with comfort and ease o
f playing in mind so you can play as long as you like.

Experience a Cléroux guitar test drive
I proudly make all my guitars here in Montréal, Canada. It would be a pleasure to welcome you in my studio and invite you to test drive my semi hollow, electric or steel string guitar over a handcrafted coffee or a glass of fine scotch.

The Canadian advantage
I am truly dedicated and passionate about guitars made in Canada, as every day I become more convinced that it's the best place in the world to craft a solid instrument that can thrive through harsh, dry and cold winter as well as hot and humid beautiful summer days. Just like Canadians do!

Vincent Cléroux Luthier Guitare

More information on Vincent

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