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Semi Hollow

Base price: 9500$

The sound of an archtop in the thinnest possible package

Fully opened sound

The Cléroux Semi Hollow is the perfect balance between an archtop jazz guitar and a solid body electric guitar.
This handcrafted guitar showcases a fully arched top sculpted by hand using traditionnal violin lutherie techniques. This provides the guitarist with all the depth of sound of an archtop guitar on a remarkably thin and lightweight instrument.


This guitar is a true delight to hold and play with. 


This design is my humble hommage to my mentor Stephen Marchione. The Cléroux Semi Hollow is my take on this iconic model, in which the shape of the body, f-holes and arch were fully reinterpreted following my personal aesthetic ideals. 


  • Fully arched top, bridge and tailpiece, all sculpted by hand using traditional tools and techniques

  • Enjoy the unique depth and full-bodied tone of an archtop guitar in a thin and lightweight instrument you will want to bring everywhere!

Cléroux guitars are presently available on custom order. I also have some guitars ready to ship.

For more information or to schedule an appointment to try out one of my demo models, contact me!

Talon espagnol

Semi Hollow Jazz
Soundboard: Engleman Spruce
Back : Mahogany

Neck : Mahogany

Fingerboard: Ebony

Sweet Lorraine- Semi Hollow - François Jalbert
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Moon River- Semi Hollow - François Jalbert
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