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Cléroux Guitars
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In my life as in my work, I am passionate about well-designed products and high standards of craftsmanship. For this reason, I sometimes go as far as making my own tools to use in building my instruments, when no commercially available tools satisfy me. Of course, I am also a strong believer in supporting talented artisans by buying and using their high-quality files, planes and chisels to design and make my guitars. For me every little detail counts. I approach each stage of the fabrication process with equal care and thoroughness.

First class Materials

Wood is king when making Cléroux guitars. I select each piece of wood for a particular reason: nothing is left to chance. A Cléroux instrument will always be made from the finest woods available, in an environmentally-conscious and sustainable manner and in compliance with international standards for the protection of vulnerable species.
Therefore, I keep an open mind about wood alternatives. For example, I have started using Rocklite for bindings instead of ebony, using ebony only where it really makes a difference.

Designed with Musicians in Mind

All Cléroux guitars are specifically designed to offer guitarists a reliable and comfortable instrument with a rich and full tone. From conception to construction and finishing, all craftsmanship choices share the same purpose: to deliver an impeccable sound in optimal playing conditions. The result: timeless, sleek instruments where each detail enhances the overall harmony.

Flawless execution

Each Cléroux guitar is made entirely by hand. Each joint is sculpted with a plane, inspected with aerospace-level precision tools and glued with hot hide glue. This artisanal technique, used by luthiers since centuries, maintains the most complete contact possible between all pieces of wood, ensuring pristine sound transmission. All Cléroux necks are also sculpted by hand using traditional tools. 

Acoustic Quality

Every Cléroux model is designed with a particular sound in mind. In the case of a commission, the instrument can even be tailored to suit the individual musician's tonal preferences. A Cléroux guitar is guaranteed to please you.

Vincent Cléroux inspects a newly built guitar
Vincent Cléroux, luthier

I started building guitars professionally in 2011 after 3 years of studies at the Bruand Guitar School in Montreal, Canada, where I learned classical and acoustic guitar making and design as well as basic tool-handling techniques. This training was complemented by an applied arts course at the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal. Afterwards, to expand my knowledge and increase my expertise in design techniques, I became an apprentice of Master Luthier Stephen Marchione in Houston, Texas. He instilled in me a love of traditional lutherie techniques and a dedication to impeccable, uncompromising work. He also helped me to refine my dexterity and my woodworking skills.

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The Workshop
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For many years, I have been designing and building my instruments in a collective workshop dedicated entirely to professional guitar making, in the Plateau Mont-Royal neighbourhood at the heart of Montreal, Canada. 
Whether it's organizing events to showcase the work of our musician clients or sharing my experience and knowledge with younger luthiers, I am very involved in the shop's activities.
If you are ever in Montreal, it will be my privilege to give you a tour of my creative workspace.

For the time being, here is a sneak peek at my workbench!

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