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Questions concerning Cléroux Guitars? Let's get in touch!

Merci ! Votre message est envoyé. Vincent vous répondra sous peu.

How to order your Cléroux guitar


First, you need to choose which guitar you want and send me an email. Then we'll talk about the wood you want for the sound you have in mind, the neck dimensions for the perfect fit to your hand and we'll finish with the general look of the guitar including finish and other options. 

Then I'll send you a quote for the guitar. In order to start the process, I'll need a 30% deposit of the price of the guitar.


I start two sets of guitars a year, one in January and one in July. In order to be able to include your guitar in a set, I just need the deposit and info on the guitar you want. Lead time usually varies from 6 months to 11 months between deposit and delivery.

Vincent Cléroux in the shop
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